Wind energy, the energy of the future

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The promise of a sustainable future

Thanks to a vision based on sustainability and the search for new energy sources with low environmental impact, Veroniki Holding has a structured pipeline that aims at the production of energy from renewable sources.


This commitment has been translated in Romania with the construction of a 25 MW wind farm inaugurated in 2011 in Silistea.

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Wind energy

Wind energy is a form of renewable energy produced from wind. Wind turbines exploit the speed of the wind, which they transform into electricity, with the help of generators.

The Silistea wind park

In 2010 Veroniki Holding, in compliance with the commitment to become an increasingly efficient, solid, sustainable and environmentally friendly organization, acquired the project for the Silistea wind farm 1, located in Dobrogea, outside the villages of Silistea and Seimeni.

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